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250th Anniversary of Weathersfield's Charter
Meeting Notes
January 11, 2011

Present: Candy Fuller, Alicia Jenks, Glenn Selwitz, Lisa Sargent, Edith Stillson, Maureen Bogosian, Bob Holtorf, Cookie Shand, Laurie Cobb, Doris Whitcomb, Lisa Curry Mair, Ginger Wimberg, Alison Roth, Willis Wood, Tina Wood, John Arrison, Chip Cobb, Dave Fuller, Dick Clattenburg, Ellen Clattenburg

The meeting was convened at 7 in Martin Memorial Hall. Following introductions, Ginger Wimberg displayed a list of activities for the celebration that had been developed at a meeting a year ago by the Weathersfield Historical Society Program Committee. Additional ideas were suggested. (List at the end of these meeting notes.)

Activities -- Ginger listed them out on the White Board, and we added to that list during the discussion. It included:  Parade, Bonfire, Fireworks, Kids games, Food including a barbecue or hamburgers/hot dogs, pies, a cake and ice cream; music, animals, local artists, local producers of food.

Following a discussion, the committee voted to have the celebration on one day, Saturday, August 20.  Place:  Weathersfield Center including the Church/Meeting House, the Dan Foster House, and possibly using adjacent (Arrison, Markewicz) properties. Parking ideas: Hunters, Markewicz, Dan Foster House with school buses or Roy Marks's wagons to transport people from parking to the Center.

Kind of event- the theme is "Celebrating 250 years of Weathersfield -- from Then to Now."  It is more than historic although the 250th anniversary is a big part of it. However, we want to draw in the entire community to celebrate Weathersfield and all its aspects, not just historic.

Finances - Ellen will write a letter to the SelectBoard asking to get an article on the warning for the town to vote to support this celebration with $5,000.  We will talk about doing fundraising of some kind, getting local business to support or sponsor the day and activities.  Possible additional sources of money include Parks and Recreation Fund, a loan from Weathersfield is Togethersfield fund for a commemorative item such as medallion, cup/mug, t-shirt, etc.

Selectmen present (John Arrison, Chip Cobb, Dave Fuller) agreed the Town could close Weathersfield Center Road.

Preliminary list of committees and those interested:
Recreation (Carl Wyman)
Advertising/ Publications (Sally and Chris Harris ?)
Local producers (Alicia Jenks)
Food (Alison)
Arts and Crafts
Music (Tina Wood, Maureen Bogosian)
Barn dance
Commemorative souvenir (Lisa Curry Mair, Bob Holtorf, the Harrises?)
Bonfire (John Arrison)
Site Design and Set up (Tents and Porta Potties) (Willis Wood)
Soliciting Organizations in town for $ and or to set up booths (Boy Scouts, Crown Point Road Association, Fire Departments, Veterans, etc.)
Website (Melissa Snyder ?)
Clean up (all of us)

Activity suggestions:
Old tractors
Old cars
Horses and wagons
Old Home Day
Decorated bikes
People in antique dress
Chicken bbq (fire depts.?)
Pie/ bake sale
Local foods
Cake and ice cream for all (B & J's and Dairy Promotion Board might supply ice cream for free)
Antique games for children
Candle dipping
Sheep shearing
Honor town's oldest citizens (or in parade?)
"By Farm and by Hand"
Edith Hunter's questionnaire about Weathersfield history
Local organizations
Local businesses
Dan Foster House open
Open mike
Civil War band
Different kinds of music
Local musicians
Barn dance
Commemorative Souvenir

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, Jan 27, 7 p.m. Martin Memorial Hall.  
Purpose:  refine & solidify ideas and set up committees.