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250th Anniversary of Weathersfield
Meeting Notes
February 24, 2011

Present: Marion Ballam, Candy Fuller, Cookie Shand, Ginger Wimberg, Becky Tucker, Gail Woodbury, Sally Harris, Lisa Curry Mair, Carl Wyman, Tina Wood, Willis Wood, John Arrison, Mark Yueng, Ellen Clattenburg

The meeting convened at Martin Memorial Hall at 7 pm.

The committee is now an official town committee.
All gifts to municipalities are tax deductible
The Town's liability coverage will cover this town-sponsored event without the need for any special or extra policy.
We will need to supply the town with a list of non- town-owned venues before the event so that PACIF can mail a Certificate of Insurance to the property owners on the list.
We will need to follow "best practices" in contacting outside vendors, and Vicky Abare, Associate Underwriter with VLCT PACIF insurance program, will send us a list of recommended practices.
We should be in contact with Wade Masure, the VLCT Loss Control Consultant to review our plans for the day so that he can give us advice on safety, crowd control,
etc. As this is a town sponsored event, we must promote it as such.

Speaking up for Article 18
John Arrison will speak for the article at town meeting on Feb. 28

Gail Woodbury will be committee person in charge of finances. As most will go through the town accountant, she will be coordinating with Chris.

Committee Reports
Publicity/ Fundraising: Sally Harris displayed the attractive fundraising sheet that she and John Arrison developed for the event. (If Article 18 passes, the $5,000 will cover only a portion of the expenses for this day.) The committee discussed distribution of the flyer. Sally will have some on a table outside of Town Meeting. At our next meeting, we will be dividing up town businesses and organizations among committee members. Each person will personally visit the organizations and businesses on their list asking whether 1) they would like to participate in the parade, 2) or participate in the afternoon events/ have a table, display, or activity, and 3) and make a donation to the event.

Willis reported that there will not be a kick-off afternoon party at the Inn at Weathersfield Friday the 19th of August. Instead, the Sandelmans and Frank Manaforte will donate $3,000 towards the fireworks.

Melissa Snyder has the basic information for the event. Ellen will contact her to suggest that the opening page also contain information about how organizations can contribute to the event. deForest Guertin has volunteered to update the site.

Operations, Site Design and Set Up:
Willis reported on parking -- Katie King has offered her field off Perkins Hill Road for cars coming from the south and he has written to the Markowitz's to see if they would allow cars from the north to park in their field. Wellwood Orchards will loan 2 wagons to pull people from parking to the Center, but he relayed that August 20 will be opening day for Wellwood Orchards. Roy Marks has asked that there be good signage for the detours. Ken Blum plans to keep the Dan Foster House fields mowed more frequently during the summer in preparation.
John Arrison volunteered to submit the large gathering permit.
There was some discussion about closing the Center Road - and the sense from the committee was that the longer the safer for all.

Finances - Gail Woodbury has this under control for now. The Town Accountant will do most of the work, she believes.

Commemorative souvenir:
Sally Harris and Lisa Mair had much to show:
The Weathersfield Historical Society calendar will be available for sale at the Ascutney Market (this is the 3rd or 4th printing!)
Postcards - Sally showed a mock up of the postcard which is now being printed. It is postcard - size version of the color photograph of the meetinghouse and "Weathersfield: Celebrating 250 Years/ 1761-2011". The cost of the printing has been underwritten by Lisa. Postcards will be sold for 25¢.
Flyers for fundraising: a color photograph and an appeal (cost has been underwritten by the Harrises)
T-shirt - two designs were preferred by the committee. Lisa will check to see if both can be used, and if not, one design was designated. Some of the T-shirts will be used for the race in the morning. Nate and Marina McNaughton estimate 50-80 runners. These shirts can have an additional design added to the back of the t-shirts.
Tony Daniels has the maple from the Memorial Grove which was taken down last summer. He will saw it for free. Willis suggested that a commemorative item could be made from this - for instance plates or "nickels" which, once dried, cut, and sanded, could be marked with a hot iron in a commemorative design. Mark Yueng volunteered to talk to Clear Lake Furniture about this.
Morning activities:
Nate and Marina McNaughton will run a 5 K rack and kiddie fun run, starting somewhere in the vicinity of the meetinghouse.
Ellen will contact Dan Boyer about a possible morning trail ride as well.
Dick Brown is working on the parade route and parking (he and Willis will talk about parking).
The parade committee would like to make it a mostly local parade. Bill Von Gillern will not be around in August but might be willing to get a musical group organized. Is there a way to amplify the students' music.
The governor has been invited, as has Smoky the Bear
The parade committee will look into having the Grafton Band or the Black River Fife and Drum Corps in the parade and then stay for a ½ hour concert afterwards. (This would cost about $500.)
Discussion about closing the road - during the parade and after?

Afternoon activities
The Civil War Band would play about 1.5 hour plus a break - so 2 hours altogether ($450) (Cornet band from Grafton?)
George Ainley and Old time music
North Country Chordsmen
The front of the meetinghouse would be the stage for the music.
Jim McNutt after the bbq and before the fireworks, probably down toward the bottom of the Arrisons' field. Hopefully some dancing.

Mark and Erica Yueng who organize a drama group for the school will be willing to help with a play. Suggestion was a series of skits highlighting Weathersfield history such as the panther hunt, the capture of Submit Grout and Hilkiah Grout's search for her, etc. Other people who might help: Katie King, Julie Levy, Karen McGee. Someone would need to write the skits.

Other events
Lisa Keily might do pony rides (or something like this) for children
Lauren Mair and her friend Ava will do some sort of horse riding demonstration
Old car display (Tony and Pat Daniels have 15; Theresa White, John Berlenbach, Dortia and Phil Davis)
Laurie Cobb is working with the Springfield Garden Club about a flower show
Vegetable show - maybe Ted Polakowski (sp.?)
Cake and ice cream (John Arrison suggest going for the world's largest whoopie pie - there is none in the Guinness Book of World Records)

BBQ - There hasn't been a meeting yet, but this will come up at the next FD meeting. Both departments would do this.

Fireworks: John suggests a budget of $7500, the amount is what Windsor spent last year.

Next meeting is March 24 at 7 p.m., Martin Memorial Hall. We will divide up town organizations and businesses among ourselves. Each of us will visit and ask for them to participate in the parade, have a booth or activity, and donate.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Calttenburg