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250 Committee
Minutes Jan. 27, 2011

Following introductions, the agenda was presented. No additions to it.

Update on committees and their tasks
Thanks to Chip Cobb for his work on refining committees and tasks each is responsible for

Publicity -
Jane Sandelman, Sally Harris and Chris Harris will work together. Sally and Chris will be designing graphics. Jane will be writing press releases and sending them to the news papers, etc. Kelly Stettner of Springfield offered to put any news in The Compass (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

All agreed that we need to start letting the public know about the celebration soon and regularly. A suggestion that Edith Hunter will come up with snippets of Weathersfield history that Jane can include in the press releases. Ellen will talk to Edith about this idea and see if she is willing to do this.

Melissa Snyder has offered to set up the website connected to the Town's website and to give permissions to someone on the committee to update the site. She needs graphic design ideas to get it going. Sally has been coming up with ideas for graphic design. No one volunteered for updating the website. Sally will be in touch with Melissa.

Sally passed around mockups of two broadside ideas advertising the 250th. There was unanimous agreement on one of her ideas. She cautioned that this will not reduce well, but no one minded, the design is beautiful.

Operations and Set-Up
John Arrison and Willis Wood have volunteered for this committee (so far).
Willis reported on tents and portapotty costs and availability.
Farnsworth tents: 15x15- $175   
20x20- $270
20x30- $300
30x60- $500 (oval)
30x60- $600 (rectangle)
Farnsworth has more than one of most or all of these.
chairs available at $1.25, tables @$8.00 (8foot banquet or 5foot round).
All sizes are currently available. This is the same weekend as the Cornish Fair so we need to figure out what we need sooner rather than later.

Portapotties - Willis suggested $400-500 total (several regular @110 each and 1 handicap accessible @175 each).

Willis and John are tasked with delegating responsibilities for Operations and Set up.

We probably will need help from the Fire Department, Dick Brown, all day. John Arrison will be in touch with Dick Brown about this.

Gail Woodbury offered to do the finances. Laurie Cobb was also suggested. Ellen will ask Laurie if she will help Gail on this.

Discussion about how to make donations to the 250 Celebration tax deductible. John Arrison will see if the town can be the official sponsor or if it must be an organization with a 501C classification.

Marion Ballam raised the question of funding sources. So far the warrant article is our only source and that's only if it gets passed. Other ways to raise money? Maybe ask businesses to donate $100 toward the fireworks? Parks and Rec might be a source and Weathersfield Is Togethersfield funds might be accessed as a loan to produce commemorative items that we pay back with funds from selling the items.

Commemorative Souvenir
No report. This committee - Lisa Curry Mair, Bob Holtorf, the Harrises) will have a report for the next meeting.

Aug. 20 Activities
Carl Wyman will be recruiting some more help for this committee. Ideas suggested at the meeting: sack races, road race, horseshoe tournament, volleyball tournament, mountain bike/ cyclocross ride/race. Nate and Marina McNaughton have volunteered to set up a race at 8 in the morning - a shorter version for kids, a 3-5 K for adults and older kids, starting in the vicinity of the Center Meetinghouse.

Local Food Producers
Dave and Jane Sandelman presented what the Inn at Weathersfield will do: They will have a kickoff Farm dinner at the Inn the Friday or Saturday before Aug. 20 and feature Weatherfield farms and those farmers speaking. They will have a week of events for their guests and then Friday Aug. 19, they will host a lawn party with food and music for Weathersfielders at the Inn. Everyone was delighted with this contribution. Jane and Dave hope to have a lot of publicity around the Inn events that will also help publicize Weatherfield's 250th.

Alison Roth was unable to attend the meeting. Ideas presented by others: Lisa Sargent reported that the Vets will do something easy (like popcorn). Cookie Shand said that the Fire Department will meet next week and discuss the BBQ idea. Frank Manafort needs to be contacted to see if he would like to have his hot dog cart there.

Water - ask Poland Spring or Coke to donate. Concerns about recycling and using plastic bottled water. Willis will ask Farnsworth whether they rent water coolers.

Ice cream - Candy will ask Dave Fuller to check with the Dairy Promotion Board about ice cream. Lisa Sargent said that it's easy to ask for ice cream from Ben and Jerry's and that Jeff would be able to pick it up in Waterbury but that only a 501C organization can make the request. (Historical society?)

Afternoon activities
Lisa Mair, Jeannie Lindheim - who else?
By Farm and By hand was removed from this list, but maybe the time to do it would be the weekend before in conjunction with the Weathersfield Inn's week of activities?
Workshops throughout afternoon, also arts and crafts, displays by town organizations/ businesses, food, Veggie and Flower show

Tina Wood and Maureen Bogosian - Every 2 hours during the afternoon and evening different music? North Country Chordsmen (barbershop quartet); Civil War music (available $450); George Ainley and the Old Time Fiddlers; Jim McNutt's band (50s and 60s music, very danceable). Maybe use Jim McNutt's band to lure people down Yewell Lane to the viewing spot for fireworks. What about country western, that's very popular.
If a barn dance, probably at the Center Church (too many artifacts and displays to move out of the Dan Foster House Barn).

Ernie and Cookie Shand, Darrin Spaulding, Candy Fuller, BJ Esty. They will meet before the next meeting.

Valley Quest
Kelly Stettner of Springfield (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) presented Valley Quest as an activity the committee might want to take on. It could be a Valley Quest that day or historical sites around town. Poem for clues. Log and stamp pad for people who locate th quest. Any group can develop a Valley Quest. We can request a workshop on how to do so. It only takes 3-4 weeks to get approval. Next publication of Valley Quests, new ones are included.

Overwhelming majority wanted fireworks as a celebratory way to end the day. $2500 for first 10 minutes, then $250 per minute after. They will carry liability. Who is the sponsoring organization? Need to have an official

Rain Date
Sunday, August 21

See below for tentative schedule

Very Tentative Schedule for the day of Aug. 20
8 a.m. Children Fun Run and 3 or 5K run

1 p.m. Parade

2 - 6 pm. Workshops, displays, music, food
2 pm Country Western
4 p.m. Fiddlers
workshops on variety of topics (Jeannie Lindheim)
recreation events such as kids mountain biking, horseshoe tournament (Carl Wyman)
displays with interactive piece by organizations in town

6 pm Chicken BBQ or other type of cookout (fire depts.?)
6 - 8:30 music (Jim McNutt? Dancing?)

8:30 p.m. Fireworks

Still to do:
Find someone willing to update/ maintain a website that Melissa Snyder and Sally Harris will create