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250th Anniversary of Weathersfield
Meeting Notes
March 24, 2011

Present: Lisa and Jeff Sargent, Edith Stillson, Gail Woodbury, Becky Tucker, Laurie and Chip Cobb, Cookie Shand, Maureen Bogosian, Bob Holtorf, BJ Estey, Willis Wood, John Arrison, Flo-Ann Dango, Ginger Wimberg, Alison Roth, Bev Howe, Candy Fuller, Sally Harris, Ellen Clattenburg

The meeting convened at Martin Memorial Hall at 7 pm.

Announcements: The committee observed a moment of silence in remembrance of Graham Hunter.

Charter: Flo-Ann had brought the original 1772 New York charter. No one has found the original 1763 New Hampshire charter. As we will not be celebrating the NY charter, there is no pressing need to address this now, but the committee felt that a copy should be made for display this summer, and that any extra money could go toward framing it. There was some concern about how to frame it and not have it damaged by light. These issues can be addressed down the line. Everyone appreciated Flo-Ann bringing the charter to the meeting.

History of Windsor County: a copy of this video will be procured and shown during the celebration.

Publicity: Sally Harris has been working on teaser articles for the Sunday Valley News. She has been in touch with the paper and they are happy to print Weathersfield articles.

deForest will update the website. No one knew if it was actually up and running yet. Melissa Snyder has volunteered to get this going.

Commemorative items:
T-Shirts: Judy Jarvis's options - preorder or screen a certain number of t-shirts for sale - were reviewed. There was unanimous support for ordering 600 t-shirts. We will also be checking in with her about ordering 10 or so aprons, 2 colors of shirts, caps.

Postcards: Postcards have been printed thanks to Canvasworks (Lisa Mair) and Holtorf Woodworking (Bob Holtorf). They are for sale for $0.25 each. Gail Woodbury is collecting the money. Some will be available at the Town Office.

Wooden medallions: Tony Daniels has the maple cut down from the grove and is willing to saw it up. Bob Holtorf and Mark Yuengling (Clear Lake Furniture) will communicate about what possibilities there are/ how to do this.

How many people do we expect? Numbers ranged from 500 to 1500. The numbers of tents, portapotties, etc. are dependent on this. Willis had thought 3 regular, 1 handicap portapotty would work. Willis will check with the company for their thoughts on this. The group came to a consensus on a projected attendance of 600. The group also decided against a rain day.

Parking: it is possible we could use school buses to move people from parking to the site. Parking on John's field on Yewell Lane will be considered. Yewell Lane is a Class 3 road.

Gail Woodbury gave a finance update. She is staying in touch with the town accountant about donations. She is also collecting the money from the postcard sales.

Morning activities:
Marina and Nate McNaughton are taking care of the 5 K. Karen McGee is looking into the trail ride - trying to find someone who would like to organize it.

Antique cars
the Shriners will participate.
Jackie Antonivich will work on getting kids involved.
The cub scouts will provide a color guard.
Wesley Hazeltine and Chief Brown are figuring out a parade route.
The highway department will take care of the road closing and setting out warnings a week ahead.

Opening Ceremony:
Chip Cobb will spearhead this. There's a good possibility that Governor Shumlin and possibly others (Senator Sanders?) will attend.

Alison will be the point person for food. As groups figure out what they will do, she will field questions, keep a master list. She will also coordinate different groups so that no group will undercut the prices of another.
Vet Memorial Committee will sell popcorn and a beverage
__?___- will sell nachos and cheese
Pie baking contest
Fire Department - because of the difficulties posed by a chicken barbecue, the fire department(s) will sell hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, beverages
Beverages are the way groups make money, so think about having groups sell water, not give it away.

Jim McNutt's band will not be coming after all. Maureen is looking into alternatives such as Chad Gibbs, Hannah and the Wooden Spoons, and others.

Children's activities: Lisa Keeley and her husband - pony rides; Joyce Sabo - donkey rides.

Other activities: The Weathersfield members of the Springfield Garden Club will come up with an idea for an afternoon activity. The Hawks Mountain Grange will be participating. John Waite, Steve Aikenhead, Sara DeGennaro want to help out.

Fundraising: each person attending will solicit, in person, businesses and organizations in town, asking if they would like to participate in the parade, have a booth and/or activity, or donate toward the event. Sally Harris distributed fundraising flyers to all. Assignments as follows:

John Arrison: Claremont Savings Bank, Hawks Mountain Motor, Daniels Construction, Goulden Ridge Trees, Country Estates, Sunreed Instruments, Irving, John Baptistella
Maureen Bogosian: Ascutney Storage, Bob Stevens, Casa del Sol, Yankee Village Motel, Rick Davis Company
Ellen Clattenburg: Gulf Pond Trees; Jan Abbott candles, Cascadnac Farms, Yancy Flooring, George Ainley, Steven Melanson, Kim Porter, Vermont Soapstone, Caroline Van Tassel
Chip Cobb - Jeremy Osgood stamped concrete
Laurie Cobb - Geraldine Rudenfelt, Claire Murray
Flo-Ann Dango: Ascutney Butcher Shop, Max Frazier, Wragg Brothers
BJ Estey: Ascutney Gulf, Downer's Corner Store, GreenLawn (Kevin Clement), James Clement
Candy Fuller: Matt Keniston, Stoodley's Building and Remodeling, Crown Point Camping; Horse Partners Ministry (Kate Adams); G & S forest products
Sally Harris: Berlenbachs' Maple Hill Farm;
Bob Holtorf: Dodge Concrete, Greg Brown
Beb Howe: Al Smith, Judy Lariviere, Lariviere's Forest Products (Guy), Kim Currier, Gilmore Reel Division, Gene Adams
Alison Roth: Dave Behn, Lori Muse, Hawks Mtn Property management
Lisa Sargent: Getaway Mountain Campground, Running Bear Campground
Jeff Sargent: Brown Constructi on
Cookie Shand: Chuck Strobel,, Tribute Artistry, Red Barn Cafe
Edith Stillson: Ascutney Market, Hodgdon Brothers, Valley Artesian
Ginger Wimberg: Ennis Construction, Cannon Tire
Willis Wood: Wellwood Orchards, Dana Brothers
Becky Woodbury: Arthur Bryant, Bruce Murray, Phil Davis Furniture Refinishing
Carl Wyman: Dave Bonta, Aquacheck

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Clattenburg