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250th Committee Meeting Notes
April 28, 2011

Present: John Arrison, Sally Harris, Cookie Shand, Becky Tucker, Gail Woodbury, Lisa Slade, Edith Stillson, Maureen Bogosian, Bob Holtorf, Marion Ballam, Flo-Ann Dango, Alison Roth, Ellen Clattenburg

Some information from this meeting has been incorporated into the latest version of the day's schedule. Please review this for details on workshops, events, etc.

Fundraising: people have been visiting their designated organizations/ businesses. Please do a follow up about 2 weeks later. Gail will follow up with Chris at the Town Office to see if anything has come in.

The Rec Committee has given a gift of $1,000 from their reserve fund for the celebration.

Sally Harris suggested a poster, 18x22 inches, in color from Doolittles. She will check with printers on printing cost. We'd like to be able to offer it for $10 and sell at the town office during tax time. All are in favor of the poster. Quantity of posters is another question to address.

Bob Holtorf has been investigating engraved wooden circles. Tony Daniels has cut the wood from the old maple in front of the Meetinghouse. After investigating, Bob discovered that the laser engravings are done on dried, finished wood, about 1 x 2 feet x 1/4 inch. Any image can be laser engraved. Costs are $7 (St. Johnsbury) or $5 (Connecticut) for 4" circles and $1.50 to $2 for ½ dollar size circles. All agreed the larger size would be better in terms of seeing the engraved image. Other complicating factors: transportation (esp. to CT), and after engraving, someone here would still need to cut out all the circles. Bob did not ask about engraving the back side as well, but without this, there's no way to label that the wood came from the memorial grove in Weathersfield Center. Lisa suggested that Bob see if they can do a sample for us to look at. Concerns raised are the transportation, the handwork needed at our end - finishing first, then cutting out later - and the cost (will we be able to sell the discs for enough to cover all the costs?).

Ellen will ask Nancy Nutile-McMenemy.

BJ has scoped out the parade route with Dick Brown. People will line up on the Center road starting at Edith Hunter's. Route will be from there to Perkins Hill, with the bikes joining at Goulden Ridge Road. The parade committee will look into a turnaround and coming back for a second viewing.

Discussion ensued on the length of time and location of the road closure. Ellen will appear before the selectboard on May 3 to update the selectmen and to ask that the road be closed during the event. To prevent too much inconvenience, several suggestions were made: be sure Crown Point Country Club knows well ahead of time so Claremont golfers know which way to drive that day; advertise in papers (? Maybe too much of an expense); road crew will put out signs a week ahead. Becky Tucker will investigate what is happening in Springfield that day.

Discussion about music, who's in the parade, etc. Seem to be a lot of antique cars. Will need a place to park these afterwards for people to view them. (Who's going to arrange this?) Also, the parade committee needs a chairperson.

Local food (Alicia and Glen) have been busy but will contact Alison
No Whoopie Pie but instead a cake decorating contest and cake quilt. People will be asked to bring standard size sheet cakes. There will be a decorating contest that is judged. All the cakes will be then put together to be a cake quilt. This will be the birthday cake for Weathersfield.
Ceci Arrison will chair the pie contest.

(See below, 5-8:30 as well).
Ellen will send Maureen the info on the Chordsmen and talk to George Ainley about playing during the day.

Afternoon Activities
Update on new activities (all included on the attached schedule). Willis has suggested using a big tent to house the workshops and the informational booths. We can rent tables and people can ask for a table (reimbursing our costs on this). Ellen would like to have co-chairs of the afternoon activities so that there is better coordination. She will contact two people.

Meetinghouse activities: art show (Rob O'Brien curating) and play by elementary school kids

5-8:30 p.m.
There is a concern about the length of time between the end of the workshops and the fireworks. Tentative ideas:
Food will be offered all afternoon (and evening)
Have the horse shoe tournament 6-7
Have the play 5-6
Maureen Bogosian has booked Sensible Shoes (dance music) from 6-8:30 and one break. $700. Need tent, power.

Willis and John will present the estimates for the fireworks to the Selectboard on May 3 for their okay.

Other organizations to contact to see if they would like to participate in some way.
Bow Baptist - Maureen
Ascutney Union - Cookie and Flo-Ann
Morman - Flo-Ann
Open Bible - Dottie Grover volunteered to contact (she does not go there)
Martin Memorial Hall church group - Edith
Pathfinders - Kevin Heiden (? Who will ask Kevin?)
Perkinsville Church (?someone volunteered, not sure who)

The next meeting will be May 19 at 7 p.m., Martin Memorial Hall.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Clattenburg