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250th Committee Meeting Notes
June 9, 2011

Present: Alison Roth, Edith Stillson, Dottie Richardson, Becky Tucker, Gail Woodbury, John Arrison, Bev Howe, Cookie Shand, Sally Harris, Rob O'Briend, Willis Wood, Tina Wood, Bob Holtorf, Karen McGee, Laurie Cobb, Lisa Slade, Jeff Slade, Ginger Wimberg, Candy Fuller, Carl Wyman, Erica Yuengling, Ellen Clattenburg.

The meeting was convened in the Memorial Grove by the Weathersfield Meetinghouse at 7 p.m. The committee walked and discussed the locations of the various activities including food, booths, opening ceremony, horseshoes, volleyball, dancing, fireworks, as well as parking. Seeing the physical layout was a big help, though it did raise some questions. The committee is still divided about whether to have parking in the Arrisons' field off Yewell Lane and how to get people to and from the fireworks.

At 7:45 the committee convened in the meetinghouse. Top of the agenda was schedule. The following schedule is the most recent (but probably not final) version:

8:30 Weathersfield Center Meetinghouse: Fun Run for Kids (1/2 mile)

9:00 " " " 5 K (3.1 mile) run (panther tee shirts for prizes)

1:00 Parade (including the Grafton Cornet Band)

Following the Parade: Opening Ceremony with music and VIPs

2:30 Weathersfield history pageant - written for the occasion and staged by Weathersfield students

Following the Pageant: Cake Quilt judging, then cake and ice cream for all

2:00-5 Workshops for kids, contests, informational booths, demonstrations, tee-shirt making
Recreational events: games, pony rides, horse demonstrations, (for kids and adults)
Music, food
Art show (inside Meeting House)
Rev. Dan Foster House (Historical Society Museum) open

5:30-6:30 Dinner, horseshoe tournament, ultimate frisbee tournament

6:30-8:30 Dancing: "Sensible Shoes"

8:30 Gala Fireworks Finale

Publicity: Notices for the day have gone out through school and will continue to do so till the end of school. At the next meeting we will decide on posters (photocopies, b & w) which we will post around town. We will update and replace these a month out.

Still there are questions about the schedule including:
How to fit cake and ice cream, pageant, and opening ceremony together (see current plan in schedule above)
How to move people down to the field for dancing
Food throughout the day and what to have in the evening with dancing and fireworks

Rob O'Brien thought he could hang an art show in the meetinghouse. This will be up for the day.

Booths - Ginger and Karen have been at work contacting everyone. Tentatively, booths will need to be completely set up by 12; people can open shop at that point, though the thinking is that most people will be arriving for the parade and coming to the booths after the parade and opening ceremony (and pageant).

Tents: one big one for booths on the Coakley lot. One (maybe Jeff Eaton's) will be by the meetinghouse, against the trees, for food or for eating under. Groups cooking greasy or hot food may not want a tent. Commercial vendors and fundraising groups will bring their own tents.

Finances: Gail reported that about $1,000 has come in donations so far. Ellen has contacted Judy Jarvis about T-shirts and we are waiting to hear from her.

The next meeting is schedule for June 23, 2011, 7 p.m. at the meetinghouse.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Clattenburg