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250th Committee Meeting Notes
June 23, 2011

Present: Carl Wyman, Lisa Slade, Chip Cobb, Betty Brooks, Alison Roth, Edith Stillson, Dottie Richardson, Becky Tucker, Gail Woodbury, Amanda Woodbury, John Arrison, Marion Ballam, Bev Howe, Dottie Richardson, Flo-Ann Dango, Eric Taylor, Cookie Shand, Ernie Shand, Erica Yuengling, Steve Aikenhead, Laurie Cobb, Karen McGee, Sally Harris, BJ Estey, Willis Wood, Bob Holtorf, Maureen Bogosian, Lauren Bogosian, Ginger Wimberg, Candy Fuller, Jeannie Lindheim, Ellen Clattenburg.

The 250 committee met on June 23 at 7:00 p.m. at the Weathersfield Center Meetinghouse. After getting a list from participants of important items to go on the agenda, Willis Wood introduced Eric Taylor who explained that from his perspective as a filmmaker, the day's activities should be compressed into a shorter time span with more simultaneous offerings. He noted that to do this, there would need to be a lot of volunteers to handle the multiple activities going on. The shortening of the program would sustain interest, keep the energy strong enough to keep people there, keep the day feeling unified, and most importantly, get everyone to move to a new site for the fireworks. The committee discussed the pros and cons of this suggestion, and then voted on the motion to start the events later. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of not changing the schedule as it has been developed.

Next the committee listened to and discussed the events as they occur in the day.

Parade: There will 2 Grand Marshalls. The larger vehicles (like fire trucks) will wait on Little Canada Road and move into the parade just before it gets going. People watching the parade will line the road from Goulden Ridge Road to the Meetinghouse. There are 18 or 19 slots filled at this time. BJ estimates about an hour for the parade. Some of the participants (Grafton Band, kids on bikes, theater troop) will loop around the Center Meetinghouse Road, while most will continue on to Perkins Hill. The road will be closed for the parade but not for the day. The fire trucks would like to park in the DFH driveway in case they get called out (easily accessible). Other spaces were suggested: Yewell Lane and the road going to the Arrisons' house. Dick Brown will be on the Ctr Rd and could stop traffic if the fire department needs to leave on a call. The ambulance may donate time and spend the day there. This is being negotiated.

VIPs, opening ceremony: This will follow the parade; The Grafton Band plans to play for a while after the parade. If VIPs can make it, this is their moment; Chip Cobb and Ernie Shand cautioned that they will come when they can and we may just need to make time for them whenever that is. As we will have a PA system, we can make that work.

Pageant: This will start at 3, the latest it can start and still get Erica Yuengling off on time. It will take about 30-35 minutes. Ring the Meetinghouse bell to summon people. The benches will be set up in the meetinghouse for the audience. There are 20-25 children participating. The pageant committee met right after this meeting.

Cake Quilt will be right after the pageant. Judging will be done ahead of time. Betty Brooks and Ginger Wimberg are working on final size of the cake contributions and how many entries will be accepted.

Ice Cream: Alison has applied to B & J's. If they donate, they want it anonymous. Will need scoopers. Dairy Board will not donate ice cream, but they will donate 200 cartons of milk. Candy will confirm the milk with them. Plan to put it in the fridge at the church.

Expo: vendors, displays, demonstrations, etc. Ginger and Karen will be working on figuring out how much space this will take so we can be accurate with how many people fit under the tent(s). Most people will be bringing their own tables.

Food: Red Barn may not be able to do it. Alison has been in touch with H & H (Ascutney) who are interested in selling food. Alison will reconfirm with Casa Del Sol and also see if they will stay longer than 5 p.m. Jeannie Lindheim will be in touch with Third Eye Catering for vegetarian fare. Veteran's, fire departments, etc. still planning on selling food. Alison has contacted Hillaire Hennessy to see if he and Erin would sell food during the dancing.

Recycling and trash: Ellen will look for someone who can organize this effort. Lisa and Jeff Slade will investigate whether we can borrow recycling containers. BJ reported that the Scouts will do a sweep of the area in the afternoon. Discussion about whether the town can pick up the trash and recycling at the meetinghouse. All committee members will help in the cleanup effort on Sunday following the event.

Dancing: Maureen Bogosian will see if Sensible Shoes can move from 6:30 - 8:30 to 6-8 p.m. instead. They will perform up at the Meetinghouse, then announce time to walk to the fireworks.

Fireworks: John Arrison will increase the budget for the fireworks by $1,000 (to $6,000) thanks to the donations made recently (up to $11,000).

Commemoratives: Bob Holtorf passed around 2 samples of the wooden 4 inch laser inscribed wooden discs. He will ask about minimum orders, whether there is a cost break at any point, using the Center grove maple, etc. He will report back at the next meeting.

T-shirts: Ellen will order 200. She will check first on whether we can reorder more if we run out.

Laurie Cobb suggested that a time capsule should be considered as part of the 250th celebration. This is a good idea that will be looked at later.

Still needed: someone to be in charge of traffic, someone to be in charge of recycling and trash, someone to be in charge of signage (we have the posts for the signs already).


Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Clattenburg