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250th Committee Meeting Notes
July 6, 2011

Present: Chip Cobb, Alison Roth, Dottie Richardson, Becky Tucker, John Arrison, Ceci Arrison, Marion Ballam, Dottie Richardson, Flo-Ann Dango, Cookie Shand, Ernie Shand, Erica Yuengling, Laurie Cobb, Sally Harris, BJ Estey, Willis Wood, Bob Holtorf, Maureen Bogosian, Candy Fuller, Ellen Clattenburg.

The meeting was held in the Weathersfield Center Meetinghouse.

Publicity: Sally Harris had made trifold and flat brochures for the celebration and encouraged everyone to take some and distribute them. Flo-Ann took the ones for the town office.

Wooden disks: Bob Holtorf reported on the commemorative wooden disks. Bob will plane the wood, Jeff Slade will deliver it to the company in St. Johnsbury. The committee agreed to order 125 (half panther, half Meetinghouse) at a cost of $5.00 each. This is already 50ยข cheaper than the original price. The next break comes after 200 - and that would be $4.50 each. The company needs 2 weeks of lead time.

Prizes for contests and other events during the day can be these disks and/ or a framed print (for first place).

Parade: BJ Estey reported on the parade. The committee came up with names of more of our oldest citizens. There will be an announcer. BJ is working on that. PA system will be available (John Arrison is on this).

Expo: Ginger Wimberg was away but Ellen reported for her that there are 15-17 Expo participants, and at most 5 will need to borrow tables. Willis noted that there are about 14 or 15 tables in the meetinghouse, so 5 of these to Expo people, the rest can be used for eating under the tent.

Tents: The main tent will be at the Coakley lot, but the Springfield Garden Club would like to be at the Dan Foster House. In addition, there will be antique cars out back, a horse demonstration, possibly horse shoe tournament, and the historical society quiz run by Edith Hunter. Willis might set up a smaller 20 x 20 tent on the DFH grounds. If the Watershed on Wheels 28 foot trailer comes, that will also be parked at the DFH.

Pie contest: Cecelia Arrison is in charge of the pie contest. The advertising for this will go out one month ahead of time along with the cake decorating contest advertising. Questions raised included one or two crust pies or two separate categories? Judged on taste, presentation? Sell or ask for donations? Donations were agreed to and the proceeds to go to framing of the charter - a sign must be made for this. Judges? Ceci will consider the names offered at the meeting; Steve Moore, Leslie Haull, Neomi Lauritsen, Erin Hennessy, a VIP. Time for the contest? Bring by 4 p.m., announce by 5 p.m., sell 6-8 p.m. Location not yet determined.

Food: Alison reported that there will be 7 large tubs of donated ice cream and it must be picked up in St. Albans on Thursday August. 18. If it can be picked up and transported without melting, Alison has secured freezer space for it.

Parking: Willis and John reported that there are a total of 200 parking places between the Markowitz's and Goulden Ridge Road. We will need signs and people to get cars to the other parking areas (on Perkins Hill and Hunters). Discussion ensued about borrowing 2 Bow Baptist buses which they are willing to lend. We would need to find CDL drivers (Chet Stone, Dave Moore, Larry Moore) and also provide turnarounds. How much walking is okay? Windsor County Ag Fair and fireworks events mean a lot of walking. Maureen will look into borrowing the van instead.

Info booth/ command center: Chip Cobb noted that we need an information booth or center with radios, we need a central spot for all information to funnel through. John Arrison can provide 2 radios and the school 5. Chip noted that we should plan on things going wrong. He also noted we need a list of announcements (and announcer) , lost and found, etc. He will work on this with John and Willis.

Quilt Display: Dottie Richardson said there will be a display of 14 quilts upstairs in the meetinghouse. They have located quilt frames to display the quilts on, but they will need a place to store the frames (the Dan Foster House is okay for this).

Misc: Ellen will ask Jim Mullen if he will supervise trash and recycling; Ellen will contact Jeff Eaton about borrowing his gator during the race in the morning; BJ will contact her parents about borrowing a golf cart to have available during the day for trash, etc.

Next Meeting is Wednesday, July 20, 7 p.m. at the Weathersfield Ctr Meetinghouse.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Clattenburg