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  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

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Weathersfield Conservation Commission Meeting
October 26, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:13 pm & adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Attending: Heather Shand, Howard Beach, Jeff Pelton, Tina Wood, Roy Burton

Minutes from October 26 meeting approved.

Update on Inclusion of Groundwater Concerns in Town Documents:
• Howard was able to communicate with the VT DEC. The head of the department believes some type of state protection of specific identified areas of groundwater in Weathersfield is viable and he is excited to have the department work on it. First, however, certain steps need to be taken:
o The potential areas needing protection must first be identified and established as part of the town plan and in the zoning regulations. These potential areas could include water drawdown areas and future water treatment sites.
o The language in section 2.3.1 (Source Protection Areas) in the town plan needs to be revised.
o A space in the planning regulations needs to be designated to address future protection.
• Permitted actions can then be identified and enforced
• Jason Rasmussen may be able to help with some of the language for the town plan and planning regs.
• Roy asked if there is any guidance public vs private water systems based on % of town population relative to villages.

Update on Town Forest Recreation Planning Meeting:
• Jeff and Ed Morris attended a meeting in Bethel on Nov 17, which focused on current assessment and visioning for the future of the town forest. Ed will be putting together a steering committee whose role will be to promote the efforts supporting the town forest. The next step will be a visit from those running the program and will entail a morning hike, a meeting with the steering committee and a public meeting in the evening. This will take place sometime in January.

Update on Tri-Town Recreation Planning Grant:
• Weathersfield has received a grant to collaborate with other area groups to create connecting trails through Windsor, West Windsor and Weathersfield. Ed, Jeff, Harry Temple, Michelle Grald (GMHA), and John Brooker-Campbell met to talk about the recreation trails. Ed has begun talking to the selectboard and one board member suggested we focus on handicap accessible trails, giving the area a “niche”. Jason Rasumussen has provided a link to a significant amount of information about handicap accessible trails.

CC-Sponsored Talk, Thursday, December 7, 2017:
• Jeff has organized a talk with Speakers Andrea Shortsleeve and forester Hannah Dallas of the VT Fish and Wildlife Dept on how small and large landowners may undertake projects to improve habitat for both game and non-game species.
• The talk will take place at Martin Hall and begins at 7pm on Dec 7.
• If possible, WCC members are requested to arrive around 6:15pm for set up.
• There may be a second part to the talk on Saturday at a project site that has received funds from the NRC.

Wildlife Photo Contest:
• Roy will talk with Hal Wilkins to see if there is an update on what the WCC receives for an annual budget. Once we have this confirmed, we can make a decision on whether or not there will be a contest this year.

Other/New Business:
• Jeff drafted the WCC section for Annual Report

Upcoming Meetings:
• Multi-town Recreation Grant Group Meeting, Thurs, Nov 2, 4pm, Martin Hall
• Forest and Parks, possibly happening next week. Date, time and place TBD.
• Town Forest Grant Meeting, November 17, time and place TBD.

Next WCC meeting:
December 2017 meeting cancelled due to holidays with the expectation that we will not have quorum.

Respectfully Submitted,
Heather Shand