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Monday, April 10, 2017

I. Chair Julie Schmitz called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Introductions: Nancy Heatley, Julie Schmitz, Michael Todd, Gil Whittemore (via telephone) Hal Wilkins (Land Use Administrator) Julia Lloyd Wright, Energy Coordinator (ex-officio)
Visitors - Jason Rasmussen, (Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission), Willis Wood, Zoning Board; Jeff Pelton, Chair, Conservation Commission; Rep. (Weathersfield/Cavendish) Annmarie Christensen; Richard Ballantine; Land Surveyor, Robert Farnsworth; Land Surveyor, Steve Mongeon; Planning Commission Minutes 04/10/2017 Joe Jarvis and Sherrie McHugh

III. Comments from Public - None

IV. Approval of Minutes of March 27, 2017
Michael Todd moved to approve the Minutes of March 27, 2017, seconded by Nancy Heatley. The Minutes were approved unanimously by all those who attended.

V. Land Use Administrator -
Subdivision Sketch Plan Reviews - Parcel ID# 5A0209
Joseph Jarvis /Sherrie McHugh - A 1.24 acre lot on the east side of Route 5 in Ascutney. Hal Wilkins said he will visit the lot and view the entire 28.9 acre parcel. It is known that Prime Ag. soils are present on the new subdivision. Conservation Commission Chair, Jeff Pelton said he has not looked at the lot but is unaware of any historic sites or rare or endangered plants. Surveyor Steve Mongeon is taking care of the town water hook up with Ascutney Fire District II and he designed the septic system site for landowners, Joseph Jarvis/Sherrie McHugh and Peter Jarvis/Judy Jarvis.
Gil Whittemore cited a Best Management Practices booklet which previous Planning Commissioners referred to for sketch plan reviews and subdivisions and suggested this be referred to in future subdivisions.
The building envelope is to be shown on the sketch plan and an updated Town stamp also needs to be included.
A Public Hearing is set for Monday, May 8, 2017 and abutters will be notified.

Anthony Roisman/Gabriele Popp - Parcel ID# 130202, 394 Skyline Drive
Surveyor Robert Farnsworth provided a sketch plan for the four parcel property.
Parcel 1 is 36.96 acres with an existing home. Parcel 2 comprised of three parcels with a total of 101.72 acres is be subdivided, but only one lot fronting on Skyline Drive is slated as a future development area.
Robert Farnsworth said he had not climbed the steep slope on the west side of the property but produced copies of two earlier contour maps dated 2003 and suggested the same contours be reproduced on the current map.
There are conservation areas on this property including two sites showing winter deer yards. Julie Schmitz said the Planning Commission will look at the odd-shaped lot and the contours and current guidelines. The Conservation Commission would also like to see the property.
Michael Todd said a developable lot needs to be created for the smallest parcel. He also cited the ‘Best Practices’ in considering erosion on steep slopes. The Town stamp needs to be shown on the sketch plan and the boundary pins need to be in place.
A hearing date was tentatively set for Monday, May 8, 2017

VI. Discussion - PUD/PRD Density; Setbacks; Zoning Districts
A. Jason Rasmusen (SWCRPC)
Handouts included: PUD Statutory Authorization; 24 V.S.A., s/s 4417; Village lot acreage sizes; Configuration of subdivision review in C-10 District.

Three examples of a 47 acre lot in C-10 zoning with various configurations were presented for discussion. Gil Whittemore suggested that lots with PUDs could be more creative and there is a need for good PUD regulations.
Minimum lot sizes of 1 acre were proposed for the town’s two villages with a reduced footage for the minimum front setback. This would enable some homeowners, (especially in Perkinsville) with small nonconforming lots to construct a handicapped ramp or build a small garage and also result in fewer nonconforming lots.
Gil Whittemore recommended that the village of Perkinsville be treated as two separate districts. For 100 years in the old Historic district the lot lines have remained the same. The outskirts have seen new construction that should have a different set of standards.
Jason Rasmussen suggested that setbacks could be reduced in the village and a waiver provision included.
Hal Wilkins will add PRDs and PUDs on the agenda for the next meeting and Jason Rasmussen will look at other examples of PUDs and zoning districts.

VII. Set Agenda for next meeting Monday, April 24, 2017
Final Review of Town Plan with changes
Lot sizes, density vs PUD (Planned Unit Development)
Home-Based Businesses
Gas and Convenience Stores
Signs (Note: Michael Todd suggested Home-Based Business signs should be no larger than 2’x2’x2’)
Outdoor Lighting
Off-Street Parking

VIII. Adjournment
A motion was made by Michael Todd to adjourn at 9:10pm, seconded by Nancy Heatley. Voted unanimously.