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Weathersfield Veterans Memorial Committee Minutes
April 4, 2017

Present: Chip Cobb, Edith Stillson, John Arrison, Jeff &Lisa Slade, Ernie & Cookie Shand, and Patience Bearse.

I. Additions or corrections to the agenda: Chip would like to add Agency Fund.

2. Approve minutes from previous meeting: Mr. Slade made the motion to approve the minutes dated February 16, 2017. Mr. Shand seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

3. Memorial Day:
Chip mentioned he would be out of town so John Arrison will handle his duties. Panels for Myrtle Baker and Fred Mellish are being worked on at the school.
Hopefully we will be able to see the draft the beginning of May.
Chip has the draft program - once finalized he will email it along with the flyer to Lisa and she will print some out for distribution.
Patience has an idea who may be able to be a guest speaker so she will contact him. If this doesn't work John Arrison said he will ask someone.
Lisa will get prices on wreaths and sprays. Mr. Shand made the motion to
spend up to $150 for flowers. Edith Stillson seconded the motion which passed without dissent.
Patience and/or Helen will play and/or sing the National Anthem. Ryan Antonivich will be playing taps.
Chip will contact Wes Hazeltine and the Police Chief for traffic control and he will ask if Dick Ballantine can set up a few chairs.
John and/or Chip will ask the Police Chief and/or Fire Departments ifthere are members that may want to raise the flag and place the flowers.
Chip will check on the sound system.

4. Location for past panels: The past panels will go on display at the Library, the School and downstairs in Martin Memorial Hall. It was decided that the panels will be brought to the meeting in June so we can determine what panels will go where (to begin with as they will be rotated amongst the three locations). Lisa needs to type of the narratives to go with the panels.

5. Crown Point Road Marker: Chip said he does not have an update on this except that deforest is interested in pursuing it.

6. Annual Town Challenge: Library annual challenge is Saturday at 7:00 p.m. at the School. Chip, Lisa and Heather Shand will make up the Veterans Memorial Committee team.

7. Next meeting date: Next meeting to be on Tuesday May 9th at 6:30 p.m. at Martin Memorial Hall. The Memorial Day Ceremony will be fmalized at this meeting.

- Mr. Cobb said the balance in the Agency Fund is $6929.75, the recent expenses totaled

8. Adjournment: Mr. Shand made the motion to adjourn. Mr. Slade seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

Respectfully Submitted, Lisa Slade

Approved by Weathersfield Veterans Memorial Committee on May 9, 2017