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  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

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Weathersfield Veterans Memorial Committee Minutes
May 9, 2017

Present: Chip Cobb, Edith Stillson, John Arrison, Jeff &Lisa Slade, Ernie & Cookie Shand, Lynn Esty, Patience Bearse and Gloria Ballantine

1. Additions or corrections to the agenda: Chip would like to add Town Event, Cemetery flags and Chicken BBQ.

2. Approve minutes from previous meeting: Jeff Slade made the motion to approve the minutes dated April 4, 2017. Ernie Shand seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

3. Memorial Day: Chip said the police will raise the flag and place the wreath. John said it may be on Weathersfield Officer and one State Police Officer. Still need to get a guest speaker - John and Ernie will work on this. Chip will get with Wes and Chief Daniels for traffic control. He has talked with the school music teacher and he will set up t he PA system. Lisa has ordered the wreath from Sugarbush Florist and Edith will pick it up and bring it with her. Not sure where the stand is or if we'll have to get a new one. Jeff and Chip will work together to get the pdf s to Green Screen Graphics for the new panels and depending on when they are ready depends on who will get them and install them. Jeff will call and invite the Baker family and Gloria will invite Mrs. Mellish. Chip will get the advertising and flyers done as well as the pamphlet. Lisa will print and distribute the flyers and pamphlets.

Chip said the annual Town Event will be Saturday September 30th and our annual chicken bbq will be that same day. He said the town even committee will meet again on June 27th or June 28th (since been told it will be June 27th). Lynn said a couple new cemetery markers were put out and all of the flags have been put out (all but one).

4. Next meeting date: Next meeting will be Tuesday July 18th at 6:30 p.m. at Martin Memorial Hall. We will discuss where to put the past panels.

5. Adjourn: Jeff Slade made the motion to adjourn. Gloria Ballantine seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Slade