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Zoning Board of Adjustment
May 17, 2016
Meeting Minutes

I. Introductions
Board members present at the meeting were Betty Brooks, Carl Wyman, Chelsea Chase, and Kevin Christie. Jim Mullen, interim land use administrator, was there.

The audience members present were Suzanne Grace, Steve Grace Jr. Sandra Guaraldi, and Leonard Guaraldi Jr.

Chelsea Chase opened the meeting at 7:19 PM.

Prior to the meeting, there was a 7:00 PM site visit. All Board members, including Jim Mullen were at the site visit along with all the audience members.

II. Review agenda
There were no additions or corrections to the agenda.

III. Approval of Minutes: March 30, 2016
Carl Wyman made a motion to approve the minutes of March 30, 2016 with corrections. Betty Brooks seconded it. Kevin Christie abstained, but all other approved the minutes. The motion passed.

IV. Public Hearings:
a. Conditional Use and Site Plan Approval App #04.2016A by Sandra Guaraldi and Steven Grace
Chelsea Chase opened the hearing at 7:22 PM by reading the notice of public hearing. There was no exparte communication or conflict of interest among the Board members. Suzanne Grace, Steve Grace Jr, Sandra Guaraldi, Leonard Guaraldi Jr, and Jim Mullen affirmed and have interested party status.
Jim Mullen stated that he did draft findings of facts. The lot would be used for the sale of up to three antique tractors with attachments. Sandra Guaraldi is the owner of the parcel. Jim Mullen stated that there is a cedar hedge on the north side and maple trees on the east side. The office building has two spruce trees near it. The abutters were notified and he put a notice on the office building door. He also stated that it is in an industrial zone which was warned on the site plan. They only need a conditional use approval. There will be no new buildings and the office building will be used as for an office. Steve Grace stated that the office will be used for the tractor sales and his mobile home repair service. Jim Mullen sent emails to Westley Hazeltine, Darrin Spaulding, Weathersfield School, and the Fire District about this hearing. Darrin Spaulding has no concerns with it via an email. The Fire District stated verbally to Jim Mullen that it has no concerns with up the sale of up to 3 tractors.
Steve Grace stated that he would like the sales of up to 12 antique tractors with attachments. There could be 8 to 12 there at any time. It would depend upon how many tractors he was able to restore. Carl Wyman asked if the notice could be amended up to 12. Jim Mullen made a recommendation that it be re-warned for up to 12 tractors. Chelsea Chase stated that it could make a difference to the abutters and the Fire District. Leonard Guaraldi wanted to know how it went from no number to 3. Jim Mullen stated that it was his understanding after his conversation with Steve Grace that it would be 3 tractors.
Jim Mullen stated that the parking spaces need to be 9 feet by 18 feet per vehicle. Sandra Guaraldi stated that she has sold various things off the site before with nothing being specific.
Chelsea Chase checked with Steve Grace to see which number he would prefer. Steve Grace said he would prefer to have up to 12 tractors there. Steve Grace will not be servicing the tractors there. He will do all the servicing at the building behind there. He does not store oil on site.
Leonard Guaraldi stated that there will be a difference from the tractors that are out front vs. the ones out back. The ones that look nice will be in the front and the others will be behind the building.
Chelsea Chase stated that where the tractors will be located needs to be on the site place. Jim Mullen stated that there could be a continuation till next week.
Sandra Guaraldi stated that there is an immediate area and a secondary area with the well head.
Betty Brooks made a motion to continue the hearing till May 24, 2016 at 7:00 PM. Carl Wyman seconded it. All were unanimous to continue this hearing till May 24, 2016.

V. Public Comment
There was none.

VI. Adjournment
Betty Brooks made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 PM. Carl Wyman seconded it. All were unanimous to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,
Diana Day