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Latest Minutes and Agendas

Weathersfield Fire Commission

Meeting Minutes

Date: July 9, 2018

Location: Ascutney Volunteer Fire Association Station

Fire Commission Members: Chief Josh Dauphin; Chief Darrin Spaulding; Nancy Nutille-McEnemy; Tim Austin, Kelly Murphy

Town Administration: Ed Morris, Town Manager

Community Members: West Weathersfield Fire Department Members Tracey Dauphin and Natoshya Spaulding; Ascutney Fire Department Member Mark Girard

Meeting was called to order at 7:03; SAPA was not available to video tape.

Chair submitted a letter of resignation from the Fire Commission, effective August 14, 2018, to the Select Board, which was accepted at their last meeting. Conversation occurred around the possibility of picking another date.

Motion was made by Ms. Murphy to move the meeting to the second Thursday of the month, beginning in September; Second by Chief Dauphin. No additional discussion. Motion approved. The chair will write a letter to the Select Board to request her reappoint.

New Recording Secretary – deforest Debearse submitted her letter of resignation as recording secretary, because she couldn’t obtain the recording from SAPA in time to meet the open meeting law requirement. Tremendous appreciation to her for her efforts. A new recording secretary has submitted a letter of interest.

Additions or deletions to this agenda:

Ms. Murphy requested that two items be stated in the minutes:

1) the Select Board voted at the last meeting to direct the town manager to investigate options of a municipal department.

2) Chief Spaulding submitted AVFD’s roster via email to the town manager, who then circulated to all the fire commission members. This topic will be brought forward at the next regular meeting for discussion, so it’s warned prior to.

Comments from the public about items not on the agenda:


Approve the previous Meeting Minutes:

Motion by Chief Dauphin to approve the minutes as written of June 11, 2018; Second by Ms. Murphy; Approved unanimously. Future minutes should refer to the two chiefs as “Chiefs” and Mychael Spaulding as Mr. Spaulding, to avoid future confusion in the minutes.

Fire Chiefs Reports

Chief Dauphin-West Weathersfield Fire Department (see Chief’s report);

Chief Spaulding-Ascutney Volunteer Fire Association (see Chief’s report)


Old Business

1) Letter from Michael Lewallen (tabled from May 14, 2018) was tabled to next meeting.

2) Chief Dauphin reported that the Little Ascutney Dry Hydrant update work is completed and is working fine.

3) Joint fire drill previously scheduled for June 26 at the school did not occur due to a brush fire call. It was tentatively rescheduled for July 10, 2018.

4) Update Incident Photography/Social Media Policy – fire chiefs have not met; topic will be tabled until next regular meeting.

5) Fire Department Financials – Kelly will create a column of “explanation” for the 2016-2017 fiscal year; Mr. Girard will provide explanations to Ms. Murphy where AVFD feels clarification is necessary about specific line item amounts. A new draft will be brought forward at the next meeting.

6) Knox Box-Follow up-town policy for businesses:

Chief Spaulding spoke with Landon Wheeler, who is Fire Marshall for VT Department of Labor and Industry, who stated the town must follow knox box recommendations stated by the fire departments. There’s past precedent of businesses that had installed them previously; however, Mr. Morris could not locate a town policy stating the requirement. Town zoning checklist form that used to be handed to a potential business should be reinstated. Mr. Morris will research the prior form with new zoning administrator. If not found, a new one will be developed and given to the zoning board to be included with the application.

7) Hazardous Materials Response Ordinance (8/3/15)

The chiefs will meet to review the ordinance and supply comments, as well as identify the actual costs. Chair will resend hazmat reimbursement rates from FEMA, Area Towns and State Forest Dept. from Town Manager. Will be brought back at the September meeting as a working topic.

8) Weathersfield Fires Services Reimbursement Ordinance (12/16/10)

Kelly did not ask the select board for input, as the three who signed the last updated ordinance were not in attendance.

New Business

1) Town-wide Dry Hydrant Inventory (upcoming grant applications) – Mr. Morris requested a collaborative strategic plan for the town. Map will be revamped to include a different color for drafting site versus dry hydrant site. Chief Spaulding spoke to Hunter Press. They’re willing to put in a dry hydrant on Center Road. Mr. Morris reiterated the need for identifying weak areas throughout the town to prioritize a strategy for funding. Bow hydrant is out of service; further exploration will occur about a repair grant. Chief Spaulding will meet with Troy Dare. All others are working as of the spring on the Ascutney side. Each chief committed to working together to identify where the gaps should be filled, while considering travel distance, and bring back information to the fire commission. Topic will be added to the September agenda.

2) Discussion continued on the water storage concept on Daniels Property. Chief Spaulding distributed a copy of the quote from Daniels for $45,000 to install a 10,000 gallon precast concrete water storage tank with piping. Chief Spaulding will revisit the quote with Daniels.

3) Turn-out Gear Inventory from both departments: NFPA standards is 10 years. Chief Spaulding provided a written inventory and purchasing summary by year and stated that one set of bunker gear was purchased for approximately $2,200 during the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Ms. Murphy asked what the remaining $10,000 appropriation from the town was used for, as it was restricted to hose and turn out gear. Chief Spaulding and Mark Girard stated they were unaware of the restriction. Chief Dauphin stated he was aware of the restriction and provided a review of his expenditures; 2 sets and 2 coats; hose was purchased for remaining money. Ms. McEnemy asked if the tax payers were aware of the restriction. The topic of the restricted $10,000 appropriation will be placed on the next agenda as it was not a warned topic.

Year End Financials Printout for review (fiscal year closed June 30, 2018) – Topic postponed to September.

Items for Future Discussion (Handouts for Review and Discussion at Future Meetings)

Fire Commission Policy and Procedures (May 2004)

Fire Departments Joint Training Schedule-Chiefs


Announcements (events)

            5 Alarm 5 K Run and BBQ July 28 8 a.m.- contact Na Toshya at WWFD

            Chief's Classic Golf: September 13

            Yard Sale; Columbus Day

Time and location of next meeting (s)

            Aug. 13: Martin Memorial Hall with the select board


Adjourn Time: Ms. Murphy made motion to adjourn at 9:26pm; second by Mr. Austin. No discussion. Approved.

Minutes submitted by Kelly Murphy

Zoning Board of Adjustment

May 23, 2018

Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order

David Gulbrandsen called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM.

  1. Introductions

Board members present at the meeting were Willis Wood, Ethan McNaughton, James Cahill, and David Gulbrandsen. Ed Morris, the Town Manager, and Sven Fedorow, land use administrator was also in attendance.

The audience members were Lisa Baker, Kevin Conley, John MacLaughlin, Lucas MacLaughlin, Michelle MacLaughlin, and Kelly Plummer.

  1. Comments from the Public

There were no comments from the public.

  1. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes: May 9, 2018

Ethan McNaughton made a motion to postpone approval of the minutes till the next meeting. Willis Wood seconded it. All were unanimous to postpone approval of the minutes.

  1. Public Hearing
  2. Hagar/Plummer height variance:361 Amsden School Road

The Board moved this hearing second. David Gulbrandsen opened the hearing at 7:56 PM. The Board had no exparte communication or conflict of interest. David Gulbrandsen and Willis Wood were on the Board for Kelly Plummer’s prior application. Kelly Plummer affirmed and had interested party status.

Ed Morris stated that Hal Wilkins, previous Zoning Administrator, was working with them and helped them with the conditional use. Hal Wilkins sent them the Notice of Violation. Ed Morris met with Kelly Plummer to discuss the violations. Kelly Plummer worked quickly and fixed all the flood plain issues. Ed Morris stated that at that time the height of the house looked too high. He measured it one way and came up with 40 feet. They measured it another way and came up with 39.5 feet. It is over 35 feet. The grade of the slope on the south side rises. There is a ledge outcropping in the back also. He took Jason Rasmussen, from Regional Planning Commission, there to look at it. Ed Morris stated that Kelly Plummer had been working with the Town and replaced the necessary boards, etc. They need a variance for the height of the building. Ed Morris stated that Jason Rasmussen said that 35 feet was needed for the fire ladder. It was a safety option. Ed Morris showed Kelly Plummer where on the permit it stated 35 feet height limit. David Gulbrandsen wanted to know what role Jason Rasmussen played. Ed Morris said that he hoped Jason Rasmussen could give him some suggestions since he was acting Zoning Board Administrator.

Exhibit #1 was the application. Exhibit #2 was the previous application for structure to construction (2 pages with site plan). Exhibit #3 was the Conditional Use presented in 2016. Exhibit #4 was a letter dated May 23, 2018 to Kelly Plummer from Ed Morris.

Kelly Plummer stated that they have been coming to the Town and consulting with Hal Wilkins. He came out and looked at it as it was being built. She asked him how high the roof could be. He told them that midway of the roof needed to be 35 feet. There had no building plans for this house. They are doing it freestyle. The concrete had to be flood resistance. The living level starts at 2 feet above the flood plain. The first living level is way above that. The concrete area will be for storage. They need a 2-foot platform for utilities. The conversation with Hal Wilkins happened in August. Ethan McNaughton asked Kelly Plummer if she relied on that information to come up with 40 feet. She said that they did not have any idea that is why they had him come out there. The violation was for building material not being waterproof. Ed Morris stated that they started working with Hal Wilkins and then he started working with them. James Cahill wanted to know the knee wall height. Kelly Plummer stated that it was 6 feet. Ed Morris stated that he is aware of the midway comment with Hal Wilkins. Ed Morris mentioned that he was not there when Hal Wilkins told them that. He only can go as to how it is built now. There was a stop work issued due to the flood material not being adequate.

Kelly Plummer stated that the second story was there when Hal Wilkins was there. The mid roof is about 35 feet and to the peak is 39.5 feet. Ed Morris stated that midway up height is used in other Towns. The conditional use permit says maximum use height. He said midway is about 35 feet. James Cahill wanted to know the length of the new ladder truck. Ed Morris stated that it is well over 35 feet. He has spoked with Josh Dauphin, West Weathersfield’s fire chief, and he does not have a fire safety concern with this building.

Ed Morris stated that the middle wall needed openings too and the door jams need to be swapped out. John Broker Campbell is happy with the flood zone changes. Willis Wood stated that it is a self-imposed hardship to live in a flood zone. Ethan McNaughton stated that there is a conditional use permit with requirements. If the Board issues a variance, it says everything is fine there. Ed Morris sated that the floodplain violation has been removed. David Gulbrandsen went over the five criteria for a variance. Kelly Plummer stated that it is in a floodplain and that Hal Wilkins told her that it could be 35 feet at midway of the roof. There is a house across Route 131that has 3 stories.   Ed Morris stated that the way the house is situated, the trees on the back of the property hide the house.

Willis Wood asked about the cost of taking the roof down. Kelly Plummer stated that it would cost a lot. They had to have a crane for the tresses. Throughout the process, they checked with Hal Wilkins.

Ethan McNaughton made a motion to close the hearing at 8:28 PM. Willis Wood seconded it. All were unanimous.

  1. McLaughlin max accessory dwelling size variance: 462 S. Mountain Road

David Gulbrandsen opened the hearing at 7:05 PM. The Board did not have any conflict of interest or exparte communication. Sven Fedorow stated that there is an existing structure of 28 feet by 56 feet (1568 sq. ft) and this would be an accessory dwelling on the land. The proposed structure is 16 feet by 32 feet (512 sq. ft). According to the Bylaws, the rule for accessing dwellings is that the total habitual flooring needs to be 30%. The habitual flooring for this comes out to be 32.68%. He contacted different municipalities to see how they deviated from the rule. They stated that it is not workable in all situation. If 30% of a small structure, then something so small will not be habitable. If the existing structure was1500 sq. ft, then 30% of that would be 500 sq. feet which is a very small accessory building.

Ethan McNaughton stated that there has been other decision cited, did they modify their Bylaws too. Sven Fedorow does not know that. They are municipalities so therefore they can deviate from the rules. Ed Morris stated that Sven Fedorow mentioned this to the Board because the Planning Commission discussed this at their last meeting. The State Statue says that it is not allowed to restrict below 30%. Exhibit #1 was the application which includes the site plan (2 pages). Exhibit #2 was the land use administrator’s calculation of square footage. Exhibit #3 was a photograph that represents a photograph of the building in mind.

Lucas MacLaughlin stated that the photograph is not to scale. The photograph is larger than what is proposed. It will be gamble style with some of the square footage being loft area. The loft would be used for storage. Ethan McNaughton asked if it will be habitable and single floor. Lucas MacLaughlin stated that he is not sure how much will be habitable. There is not an attic or basement in their current home so they will be storing some things there.

John MacLaughlin stated that there will be 10 feet by 12 feet bedroom upstairs and 12 feet by 16 feet deck. He will lose 1/3 of the bedroom for knee well. There maybe 64 feet less downstairs and adding 56 feet from the plan presented. The bottom floor will be 16 feet by 32 feet. They are thinking about taking off 4 feet by 4feet for a porch which would reduce it some. The orientation of the building has changed to be perpendicular to the road. The power line is 50 feet inside from the street. The accessory building will be 97 feet from the stonewall and 77 feet from the inside edge of the property.

David Gulbrandsen went over the five criteria of the Bylaws for a variance. John MacLaughlin stated that nothing prevents them from going smaller, but 16 feet by 32 feet is similar to a 32-foot RV trailer with porch. He said that personally he has done electrical and carpentry before. The porch will be 4 feet and push out from the 16-foot width. That would change the dimensions from 16 feet to 28 feet.

Lucas MacLaughlin stated that the current structure is 28 feet by 56 feet which is a double wide. There is a 16 foot by 4-foot porch on the front, but it is not insulated nor anchored to the house. It is an 8.2-acre lot. David Gulbrandsen asked if there are other multi-structures in the neighborhood. Lucas MacLaughlin stated that there are garage, barns, and sheds at nearby properties. John MacLaughlin stated that they did consider a larger size but because of the location and topography it would have overgrown the land. The suggested size is comfortable and fits in the available property. It would allow for some privacy between Lucas MacLaughlin and himself. He lives in 56 feet by 10 feet mobile home and would like the new structure to be a little wider. He would choose to cut the length down vs. the width.

Ethan McNaughton read over accessory unit definition. Since this won’t be attached to the mobile home, it is having a second dwelling on property. Lucas MacLaughlin said he thought it would fall under the PUD or HUD accessory dwelling building. He has tried to find the criteria for those units. Sven Fedorow stated that PUD can be varied in multiple ways. David Gulbrandsen stated that on the application it stated PUD or POD. He read page 68 of the Bylaws regarding PUDs. Ethan McNaughton stated that it is not mentioned in rural residential so PUD’s are not allowed there. Lucas MacLaughlin stated that he did not know how to go about submitting this application. He thought it was under HUD. He is medically disabled and his brother who lives in Nevada is partially disabled. The family wanted to bring him home. He read about the HUD program and thought the Town provided it.

Lisa Baker who is an abutter wanted to know exactly where the proposed structure will be going. John MacLaughlin showed them on the site plan where it will be going. Kevin Conley wanted to know if the proposed structure will meet the required setbacks. John MacLaughlin stated that it does. Exhibit #4 was the updated site plan by moving the proposed structure perpendicular to the road.

David Gulbrandsen made a motion for the Board to go into deliberative session at 7:45 PM. Willis Wood seconded it. The Board came back from deliberative session at 7:54 PM.


James Cahill made a motion to close the hearing at 7:55 PM. Willis Wood seconded it. All were unanimous to close the hearing.

  1. Other

David Gulbrandsen asked the Board members if they received enough information in their packets. The Board members stated that they did, but would like to see which zones the properties are in.

  1. Adjournment

James Cahill made a motion to adjourn at 8:35 PM. Willis Wood seconded it. All were unanimous to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Diana Stillson


JUNE 28, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM and adjourned 7:45 PM

Attending: Heather Shand, Howard Beach, Roy Burton, George Ainley, Harry Temple and Tina Wood

GROUND WATER MAPPING- Howard reported that no action has been taken and he is still waiting for the Town Plan to be finished before we can go forward.

TREASURY REPORT- Roy reported that the Con. Com. has $1622 left from the grant and $500 from the 2018 Town budget.

PROGRAMS-Heather has finalized the talk on Lyme Disease-Ticks, Bites and Disease Prevention to be held on September 12, at 7 PM at the Proctor Library. It will be hosted jointly by the Con. Com., the Proctor Library, and the Parks & Rec. Dept. and the cost for the speaker will be shared. It was proposed and seconded that the WCC spend up to $75.

Roy reported that the talk on Bobcats by Kim Royer, the state biologist, will be on October 25, at 7 PM at the Weathersfield Center Meeting House.

NEW MEMBERS- Heather reported that she has reached out to two possible candidates Ellen Clattenburg and Julie Schmidtz and has invited them to attend a meeting.

NEW BUSINESS- Roy reported on the Grand Opening of “The Windsor Grasslands Wildlife Management Area” on June 7th. It is the land of the former Windsor Prison where new trails will be laid out in collaboration with the Windsor community, the Building and Grounds committee of the former prison and by the State.

Next WCC meeting: July 26, 2018, at 7:00 PM at the Center Meeting House.

Respectfully submitted,

Tina Wood

Zoning Board of Adjustment

July 12, 2018

Draft Meeting Minutes

  1. Introductions

Board members present at the meeting were Willis Wood, Todd Hindinger, James Cahill, and David Gulbrandsen. Sven Fedorow, land use administrator, was also in attendance.

The audience members were Karen Brunner, Doris Villandry, Shawn Harriman, William and Dana Blake, Andrea Miller, Rick Logan, Carol Logan, Timothy Watkins, Hunter Watkins, Jonathan Reed, and Douglas Watson.

Prior to the meeting, there was a site visit. Willis Wood, Todd Hindinger, James Cahill, David Gulbrandsen, Sven Fedorow, Timothy Watkins, Rick and Carol Logan, Hunter Watkins, Douglas Watson, Andrea Miller, Shawn Harriman, and Jonathan Reed were in attendance at the site visit.

  1. Call to order

David Gulbrandsen called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

  1. Comments from the Public

There were no comments from the public.

  1. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes: May 9, 2018 & May 23, 2018

James Cahill made a motion to postpone approval of the minutes of May 9, 2018 to the next meeting. Willis Wood seconded it. All were unanimous.

Willis Wood made a motion to approve the minutes of May 23, 2018 as corrected. James Cahill seconded it. James Cahill, Willis Wood, and David Gulbrandsen voted in favor of passing the minutes. Todd Hindinger abstained.

  1. Public Hearing
  • Jonathan Reed for conditional use permit for other use at 392 Old Bow Road RRR3-5 Zoning District with 11.93 acres

David Gulbrandsen opened the hearing at 7:07 PM. Both Willis Wood and Todd Hindinger know some of the people that wrote the letters. They both feel that it will not affect their decision on this hearing. There was no exparte communication among the Board members.

All audience members have interested party status and affirmed. Sven Fedorow stated that the applicant, Jonathan Reed, has changed the application to just five to six weddings a year with a limit of forty people attending.

Jonathan Reed stated that he had read the letters and emails from the people in the neighborhood. He knows that the road is narrow and some neighbors are close to his property. He is not ready to give up on this. It will provide additional income for his family. His new proposal is to just host weddings with no receptions. There will be no tents, music, bright lights, food, or any catering. They will only be day time events. It will be small and personal. He would be willing to post 15 mph speed limit signs on days of the event. He could notify neighbors with a date and time of the weddings. He is hoping to do four to five the first year and then increasing it the next year if the neighbors are okay with it. He does not want to upset his neighbors. He could have cancelled this meeting but wanted to continue it and meet some of his neighbors.

David Gulbrandsen asked Jonathan Reed how he was going to advertise it and if he had checked with the highway department in regards to access for parking due to the curb cut. Jonathan Reed stated that he would just be using Facebook, friends, and family for advertising. There will be no alcohol or any other employees. He has not contacted the highway department in regards to parking.

Exhibit #1 is the application from Jonathan Reed. Exhibit #2 was a letter from Andrea Miller and Douglas Watson. Exhibit #3 was a letter from Shawn Harriman. Exhibit #4 was a letter from Sarah Wunsch. Exhibit #5 was a letter from William and Dana Blake. Exhibit #6 was a letter from Karen Brunner. Exhibit #7 was a letter from Amy and Coleman Hill. Exhibit #8 was comments from Darrin Spaulding, Ascutney Fire Department fire chief. Exhibit #9 was comments from Ray Stapleton, Town Highway foreman. Exhibit #10 were two pages of photographs and two emails one from Shawn Harriman and the other from Angela Betzner.

James Cahill stated that a large truck would be going up and down the road to deliver and service the port-a-potty. He asked Jonathan Reed if he would be able to live with the Board’s decision. Jonathan Reed stated that he would be able to go with whatever the Board decides. Willis Wood stated that if he decided to do more than five weddings per year he would need to come back to the Board for an amendment.

Willis Wood asked if the maximum number of forty people included everyone and if there would be a microphone for the ceremony. Jonathan Reed stated that it includes everyone and there will be no microphone. He would be using an iPhone with a small speaker and low decibels. There will be no live music. He has changed his application three times due to everyone’s concerns. James Cahill stated that since this is a different proposal from the beginning, should the Board give people time to think about it. Jonathan Reed stated that he would be willing to submit a new application and pay the fee. Sven Fedorow stated that it is the same type of event, but just reduced in size. He will still need a conditional use. He received a call from Darrin Spaulding with a concern of getting a fire truck down that road during mud season.

Todd Hindinger wanted to know who owns the property. Jonathan Reed stated that he will be closing on it August 17th. Todd Hindinger wanted to know if the current owners know about this proposal. Jonathan Reed stated that the current owners do know about this. Todd Hindinger had a few questions or concerns about curb cut, State permit, port-a-potty, waste water use, site distance issue, and some of the roadside would need to be cleared for safe entering and exiting of the property. James Cahill stated that the State will need some of that information too. David Gulbrandsen stated that the Board is concerned with the conditional use. Sven Fedorow stated that every application needs State permit approval. James Cahill stated that the conditional use permit would not be granted until the State permit has been approved.

Todd Hindinger stated that some of the neighbors would be in direct line of the noise due to the landscape. Jonathan Reed stated that he would be the only one speaking. It would only last for one to two hours for the ceremony, pictures, etc. It would only be five times a year and he would not offer it during mud season. With weather permitting, it would be from the middle of May to October. He would not be having a tent unless it was raining. He will provide the tent, chairs, tables, etc.

Doris Villandry stated that she did not write a letter but has lived on the road for 17 years and is concerned about the traffic on the road. She lives at the end of the road and the school bus, UPS, and the postal service will not go down the road due to its condition. In front of this property, the road is very wet during mud season. The crest on the road only allows one vehicle at a time. People walk on this road. It is a very residential setting and this will not be quiet for the neighborhood. If he is allowed to do this, anyone on the road could do this. She does not feel that he will be able to keep this alcohol free. She stated that Old Bow Road is not the place to have a business. At the end of the road, it is not Town maintained. Vehicles could come down to that area which is not Town maintained to see what is down there. She wanted to know how this could be done when he does not own the property. Sven Fedorow stated that this is a hypothetical application. Doris Villandry stated that something could happen and the property does not get sold. David Gulbrandsen stated that it is lot specific, not owner specific. Jonathan Reed stated that he wanted this meeting to see and speak to everyone.

Jonathan Reed stated that as the property owner he could make sure that there is no alcohol there. There would be between 12 to 15 vehicles per event. There is not going to be a reception there, just the wedding ceremony. Shawn Harriman said he recently purchased his property and does not want to hear all those cars going by his house, or people walking on his property. He does not want a business venue on this road. He does not want this to grow from five weddings per year to more next year. He wanted to know about the amendment process. David Gulbrandsen stated that if there was an amendment, everyone would be notified again. Sven Fedorow stated that he sent six letters out to abutters, posted a notice on a tree in the right of way, placed the notice in six places around town, and in the Valley News.

Andrea Miller welcomed Jonathan Reed to the road but does not want to see more cars and people on the road. She walks her dogs on the road and now they have to watch out for cars. She is concerned about the wildlife and with more people coming and going. She opposes this of any size.

Carol Logan stated that she has lived on the road for over 20 years and the road has had culvert issues in the past. The road has gone through changes over the years. She is concerned about more traffic. Some of the children on the road are getting their licenses. She is in opposition of this.

Timothy Watkins wanted to know why the Board would entertain this without a State permit. He is concerned with water runoff in that area and traffic. David Gulbrandsen stated that the Board could allow the applicant to do this, but it needs to proceed through the process. Then there could be a condition based upon what happens with the State. The conditional use permit cannot be violated. He would need to stick with five weddings per year.

Karen Brunner has lived there for 30 years. She agreed with the other’s concerns. The neighborhood has grown and progressed over the years. Her husband had a business on the road with certain stipulations like no more than two cars and they checked the decibel levels on his machines. They had their son’s wedding at their house which was beautiful. It is a neighborhood. She does not want to change her life for a wedding in the neighborhood. She has concerns with safety, the road, wildlife, and the community. Therefore, she opposes it.

William Blake wanted the Board to take into consideration that none of his neighbors at the meeting really are in favor of this including some of his neighbors who are not here. He thanked Jonathan Reed for scaling back his proposal. He felt that it does not fit with the surrounding area. He does not want to see a business on Old Bow Road. The new proposal is still a business. He knows that the decision is based on legal reasons but feels that there are some things that are not tangible. He knows that the decision will be based on what is presented tonight and does not want to come back next year. He stands opposed to this.

Todd Hindinger wanted to know if this would fall under other uses in the Bylaws. It can have only one principal use which would be the residence. He asked Jonathan Reed if he had checked into an Act 250 permit which is mandated by the State. Sven Fedorow thought that it would go under other use for the conditional use permit. Jonathan Reed stated that he has not checked into Act 250. He thought this was part of it. Todd Hindinger stated that Act 250 is not covered by this Board. You would need an Act 250 permit if there is a commercial enterprise with more than 10 acres. Doris Villandry asked what about if there were deed restrictions. Willis Wood stated that there might be or not be, but it is not the Board’s concern. He stated to Doris Villandry that she could look into it.

Jonathan Reed stated that he is looking for a chance and would like to try it. He is willing to bail on it if it does not work out. It is hard to say how loud it will be or what the traffic will be like. Doris Villandry stated that he is speculating that it won’t be loud or too much traffic.

Willis Wood made a motion to close the hearing at 8:22 PM. James Cahill seconded it. All were unanimous to close the hearing.


David Gulbrandsen made a motion to adjourn at 8:33 PM. James Cahill seconded it. All were unanimous to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Diana Stillson

Weathersfield Parks and Recreation

Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, July 18 at 4:30 PM

At the Weathersfield Proctor Library

5181 Rte. 5    Ascutney, VT

  1. Call Meeting to Order
    1. Approve minutes
    2. Comments from the Public
  1. New Business
    1. Stoughton Pond Concerts
    2. Volunteer to contact vendors for Town Festival


  • Old Business
    1. Town Festival – set date and prepare a checklist to organize (volunteers to help)
    2. Public access to Parks & Rec equipment (bring snowshoes to the library for cataloging)
    3. Movie license cost and dates for showings (update)
    4. Town Events Calendar
    5. Town Forest update
    6. Horse Shoe Tournament update
  1. Other Business
  1. Adjourn