• Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

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Monday, 24 September, 2018

  1. Call to Order  -  Chair, Nancy Heatley called the meeting to order at 7:03pm.

Introductions:  Howard Beach, Sven Fedorow (Land Use Administrator), Nancy Heatley, Michael Todd, Julia Lloyd Wright (Energy Coordinator, ex-officio) 

Visitor:  Allan Swanson (property owner, preliminary meeting for subdivision)

II.-III.     Agenda Review - 24 September, 2018

Revised agenda to include: Discussion by Allan Swanson request for advice on a possible subdivision.

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes -  10 September, 2018   

A motion was made by Michael Todd to accept amended Minutes of 10 September, 2018, seconded by Howard Beach.  Voted:  Unanimously .


  1. Zoning Bylaw Sections
  2. Setbacks and Height definitions (continued from last meeting)

                        - Building vs Structures

Height restrictions were discussed for large monuments.  It was agreed to remove  ‘memorial monuments and TV antennae’ from the list.

A motion was made by Michael Todd to move ‘Structures’ 4.2.2 definition to a Planning Commission hearing, seconded by Howard Beach.  Voted: Unanimously.

  1. Potential aquifer protection bylaw changes

                        -  Issue of non-conforming lot sizes & adjusting lot sizes.

Sven Fedorow advised the Commission that the Town application for the downtown areas of both  Ascutney and Perkinsville as ‘designated’ Villages was approved at a State meeting in Montpelier on Monday.  This designation enables the Town to apply for State grants towards encouraging economic growth in these areas.

Money would be available with the Village designation to help  with Village revitalization.   Copies of aquifer protection area maps for both villages were reviewed with overlays showing current parcels of land.  Perkinsville has a one-acre minimum lot size and many lots are under one acre.  Sven Fedorow will draft an introduction to setbacks for 1/2 acre lots in Village zones and check with the Fire Marshall.

  1. Town Plan and Zoning

                                    - Zoning issues identified in Town Plan to be addressed in new bylaws

This will be on the agenda for the next meeting

  1. Minor update to proposed deer wintering habitat bylaw

Sven Fedorow has spoken to Jason Rasmussen (Senior Planner, Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission (SWCRPC), there are minor changes.  The Conservation Commission have currently reviewed any changes and will report back to the Commission.  

  1. Notes/Comments/Agenda Proposals for next meeting

            Next Meeting Tuesday, 9 October, 2018

A Notice of Public Hearing was signed on the 20 September, 2018 and the hearing will start at 7:15pm.  The following bylaws are on the agenda:

  1. Signs
  2. Outdoor Lighting
  3. Off-Street Parking
  4. Home-Based Occupation and Home-Based Business
  5. Waivers
  6. Accessory Dwelling Unit
  7. Small Enterprise
  8. Formula Business

The next agenda will also include:  River Corridors

Discussion on administrative procedural work - Ch 125, title 17

Review entire list to prioritize


VII.      Adjourn

A motion to adjourn at 9:15pm was made by Howard Beach, seconded by Michael Todd.   Voted: Unanimously.