• Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

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A color postcard of First Congregational Church of Weathersfield and Civil War Monument in the grove at Weathersfield Center, across the road from the Dan Foster House Museum. Services are held upstairs throughout the summer months, as well as (downstairs) the Semi-Annual August Frippery tag sale, the major Historical Society's fundraising event.

The Reverend Dan Foster House in Weathersfield Center
Museum of the Weathersfield Historical Society
[Photograph taken in the 1960's]

About the Society

The Weathersfield Historical Society was founded in 1951, to preserve the history of our Town, both in the form of artifacts and in written records.

Our museum, the Reverend Dan Foster House, is located on the Weathersfield Center Road in the Weathersfield Center Historic District, across the road from the historic Weathersfield Meeting House and First Congregational Church.

The house was begun during the Revolutionary War and completed in sections dating 1785 through 1825. The 18th-century barn was recently reconstructed.
With the addition of the old forge in 1972, the complex houses an extensive collection of historical items, including Civil War memorabilia, a children's school room, tools, clothing and textiles, a library with archival photos and genealogies, and the last panther killed in Weathersfield (1867).

2011:  We celebrated the 250th anniversary of the granting of the charter to the Town of Weathersfield.

Hours for the Rev. Dan Foster House: For visiting hours or to schedule a visit, please contact Ellen Clattenburg, Curator, at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 263-5505 (unfortunately no answering machine). Admission is free, but donations are appreciated. In addition to our permanent collection, there are special exhibits during the summer.

Additional gifts of historic Weathersfield materials are always welcome. Curator, Ellen Clattenburg, should be contacted by potential donors at [802] 263-5055, or write the society at the PO Box below.

Our research library, on the lower level of the new barn at the Museum, houses our wonderful collection of old Weathersfield photographs as well as primary source material on Weathersfield families and Vermont history. Old records of the First Congregational Church are housed here, also. For pictures and more information on the History of the Town, click here Weathersfield History.

For an archive of Historical Photos, click here

Weathersfield Historical Society Museum

The Reverend Dan Foster House
802-263-5230 (June to August)
2656 Weathersfield Center Road, Weathersfield, VT
Mailing Address:PO Box 126, Perkinsville, VT 05151


President  Ginger Wimberg, 263-5626

Archivist  Patti Arrison

Vice-President  Alicia Jenks House Chair  Bob Holtorf
Secretary   Ellen Clattenburg Publications Publicity Sally Harris

Genealogist Becky Tucker

Treasurer and Membership Chair: Gail Woodbury

Past President  Alison Roth

Curator  Ellen Clattenburg  

 Program Committee   Jeff Pelton, Chair


Board of Governors

Bob Holtorf and Rollie Stapleton 2015 - 2018

Rika Henderson and John Waite 2016-2019

Tom Leach and deForest Bearse 2017-2020


Publications of the Society include the two volume Town history by John Hurd, Weathersfield Century One and Weathersfield Century Two; a series of historic postcards; and three videos - A Crash Course in the History of Weathersfield; Weathersfield Meetinghouse Rebuilt, (the story of the rebuilding of the Weathersfield Center Meeting House following the 1985 fire), andA Lot of Water Over the Dam (the story of the destruction of Lower Perkinsville for the North Springfield Flood Control Project in 1958 - 1960). Two books by Ernest W. Butterfield: Weathersfield Burying Grounds, (inscriptions) (1914), and A Record of Inhabitants Weathersfield 1760-1813 (1940) are also available. A recent publication is Weathersfield's cookbook, Spider Bread, Cider Pie, & Rhubarb Wine, a collection of local recipes past and present; and the most recent is Winnie Perkins Remembers, memories and old photos from notebooks of Miss Perkins between 1950 and 1970.

For a printable order form of all Publications, click here.

The Hurd history may also be purchased at the Town Office.  All of the Society's publications may be borrowed from the Weathersfield Proctor Library in Ascutney.

The Weathersfield Historical Society works closely with the schools to encourage an interest in, and an appreciation of, our common history.

Activities include lectures, demonstrations, pot luck suppers, and history hikes scheduled throughout the year.

Membership is open to everyone for $10.00 per year.
A thrice yearly Newsletter is included in a membership, as well as the Annual Report.
Specific information on lifetime and other types of memberships can be obtained by writing
Membership Chair and Treasurer John Berlenbach, PO Box 126, Weathersfield,  VT 05151
We are grateful to the taxpayers of the Town of Weathersfield for accepting us as a tax exempt organization.


Historical Society Postcards

WHS postcards sell for 50 cents each at the Dan Foster House, Weatthersfield Proctor Library, or by mail from PO Box 126, Perkinsville, VT 05151.

Click on image to view larger picture in new window.

Downer's Hotel & Dance Hall ("Mecca of Pleasure Seekers") Weathersfield, Vermont.
Built 1831, popular for sleighing parties, dancing, picnics, and politics, until it burned in 1916; also home of the Weathersfield Panther, shot nearby and stuffed in 1867, rescued and now at the Weathersfield Historical Society's Dan Foster House, Weathersfield Center.

Ascutney Union Church, Weathersfield Vermont.
Built in 1846. A 1901 photograph by James Wilson Green, father of renowned photographer Newell Green. At left is Newell's mother, Julia Newell Green, at right is her neice, Cora Dartt, with the 6 month old Newell in the carriage.
Old 600-foot covered bridge across the Connecticut River between Ascutney and Claremont, New Hampshire.
Built in 1837, replacing Sumner’s Ferry, chartered at this location in 1784; once one of eleven covered bridges in Weathersfield, destroyed by flood in 1902, replaced by another ferry, and then by a series of highway bridges.

Old post office and stage stop, Perkinsville, Vermont.
Founded in 1837, used to finction as feed and supply store, then an all-purpose general store and gathering place for conversation and public notices.

"Martin's Store and Residence, Ascutneyville, Vermont."
Operated for many years as the Ascutney Country Store, next to the present-day post office which was once Clarence Martin's Studebaker dealership. The "residence" now houses Claire Murray Rugs.
Wood's Cider Mill.
This 1910 photo shows the cleaning-up process after sugaring at what was then the Aldrich farmhouse. The Aldrich/Wood family has been making maple syrup here since the early 1800s, and apple cider, cider jelly, and boiled cider since 1882.
The old Stoughton Homestead, Weathersfield Vermont.
Built by prominent pioneer settler, Nathaniel Stoughton in 1789, the home was moved in 1959 by his great great grandson Joseph Potwin Stoughton, to avoid destruction from a flood control project, to its present location on Route 131. Shown are Joe Stoughton's aunt, uncle, father, grandfather and grandmother.


Important Links for Historic Preservation in Vermont



The Vermont Old Cemetery Association is a non-profit organization, founded in 1958 to "encourage the restoration and preservation of neglected and abandoned cemeteries in the State of Vermont." The Weathersfield Cemetery Commissioners are currently members of the Association.
Membership is open to all. Dues are $5.00 per year, $20.00 for 5 years, $100 for lifetime membership, are tax deductible, payable to VOCA and mailed to:

Richard A. Jacobson, Treasurer
7 Harbor Ridge Road
South Burlington, Vermont 05403

Meetings are held twice yearly, on the first Saturday in May and October.
The VOCA newsletter is published 4 times per year, to coincide with the seasons.
VOCA published and sells a book, "Burial Grounds of Vermont," which has a map of every town in Vermont and shows the location of every known cemetery and burial ground in each town. The Weathersfield Cemetery Commission has a copy of this book.